'72 Jim Polka
Class of 1979 Reunion Photo Album
Class of 1972 Reunion
Looks like you had fun!
Class of 1972
'72 George 'Chip' Saliba
'72 Charles Conger & David Bonnet
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Kneeling (L to R) are: Tobin Richter, Richard Teal,  and George 'Chip' Saliba.
Standing (L to R) are: George White,Dan Renteria,Frank Rivas,David Whitt,Bernie Campion,
Henry Ruiz,Nelson Amen,Jim Polka,David Bonnet,John Stewart,Dan Hansen,Ed Holdsworth,Don Volz,John
'Gib' Hafernick, Charles Conger,Patrick Selsor,Rick Munoz, and Don Monaco.
'72 John Stewart & Rev. Tony Pesek
(Class Chaplain & amp; Theology Teacher)
'72 Foreground Jim Polka & Bernie Campion,
Background John Stewart & Charles Conger
'72 Don Volz, Henry Ruiz & Patrick Selsor
'72 Henry Ruiz  & Patrick Selsor